10 tips for outdoor activity centre websites

Outdoor education and experience can transform the lives of children and young people. Make sure visitors to your website instantly connect with your exciting activities and fantastic team.

1. Professional & responsive web design

Your website is often your customer’s first impression of your business. Your site should look professional, be simple and intuitive to use, and clearly explain what you do. A responsive website adapts to the screen size of each website visit so a potential new group leader can view all your details on mobile, tablet and desktop computer without compromising design.

2. Call to action

Having a clear call to action (CTA) on every page of your website is part of any marketing essential guide. It is simple to add a Make an Enquiry call to action to the bottom of every page of your activity centre’s website.

A call to action can also guide users to join a mailing list, request a callback and make an online booking.

3. Mailing list

Mailing lists allow you to keep previous visitors and prospective visitors up to date throughout the year. Having an established mailing list makes it quick and easy to promote a new type of event or course.

You can incentivise website visitors to join your mailing list with a downloadable freebie or voucher. Some activity centres may choose to hide their pricing list behind a mailing list subscription form to incentivise new subscribers and track leads.

4. Team profiles

Your activity centre’s greatest strength is your team! Start important relationship building with some well written and quirky bios about your team members. With just a handful of team bios, you’re demonstrating your instructor team’s passions and abilities to potential new bookings.

5. Case study & example itinerary

Nothing speaks louder than a real-world example of group booking. If we take a Monday to Friday school visit as an example, teachers are most likely pushed for time when researching a residential. Displaying an example week on your website can help reduce your visitor bounce rate (if a website visitor leaves your website quickly) and further draw them into your exciting range of activities.

Example of a week long school visit for an outdoor activity centre website

6. Testimonies from children, parents & teachers

Including testimonies from previous guests is another marketing 101. Use a sidebar to include a testimony box on each page of your website. Where possible include a photo of the testimony writer, their age/occupation and when they visited. This goes a long way to making your website focused on real people and real experiences.

7. Dedicated page for each activity

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a multi-million-pound industry, however, there are small changes you can make to help your website competitively rank on Google. One source of data for Google is the titles and web addresses of pages on your website. If your activity centre has a climbing wall, a dingy fleet and archery range boost the likelihood of someone finding you with a search engine by creating a page for each of your activities.

Add testimonies and instructor profiles to link all these web pages together.

8. Events calendar

Many outdoor centres run one-off events and courses alongside group residential bookings. Ask your web designer to add a calendar to your website that imports events automatically from your current calendar system e.g. iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.

9. Safeguarding

Every outdoor activity centre requires a robust and up to date safeguarding policy. It can be the mark of a professional organisation to display a link to your safeguarding policy and details for contacting your safeguarding officer in the footer of your website.

10. Special diets

Your website is not just about showing off your instructor team, it’s a great opportunity to display that your kitchen team understands the range of modern dietary needs. Knowing whether or not an activity centre can cater for a children’s dietary needs is make or break for parents.

Why not include a testimony from a visitor stating how amazing your vegan or gluten free menus are?


Does your outdoor activity centre website need a redesign?

Matt Blake

Matt Blake

I’m passionate about outdoor education, so I help outdoor activity centres promote their unique blend of awesome instructors and exciting activities by designing websites that help them book new guests.
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