3 ways to make your outdoor activity centre website teacher friendly

Repeat school bookings throughout the year are an essential part of any outdoor activity centre’s calendar. It is important to remember how busy and pushed for time teachers can be and how the workload for planning a school residential trip increases year on year.

Here are 3 tips to make your outdoor activity centre website teacher-friendly:

1. Give an example of a school’s itinerary

Every school will be different, but you can easily hold a teacher’s attention with a table showing how a week might look for a Monday to Friday school booking.

Example of a week long school visit for an outdoor activity centre website

2. Safeguarding

Demonstrate your professionalism by clearly displaying a link to your safeguarding policy in your website’s footer. For some teachers, they may feel it is the difference between looking professional or amateur. In addition to your policy, make sure you have clear instructions on how to contact your safeguarding officer.

3. Pricing list

Pricing can be complicated from season to season and with group discounts. However, we can work together to communicate your pricing. If you don’t display your pricing, you run the risk of a teacher making a booking with another activity centre just because they present the numbers upfront even if you offer better value.

Does your outdoor activity centre website need a redesign?

Matt Blake

Matt Blake

I’m passionate about outdoor education, so I help outdoor activity centres promote their unique blend of awesome instructors and exciting activities by designing websites that help them book new guests.
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