SEO for outdoor activity centres


Keywords are the terms or similar terms your website visitors will be searching for to find your activity centre website. Start by thinking about the phrases that people will Google that you hope your website will rank highly.

Location keywords

A likely search term will be activity centres in {LOCATION}. On your homepage and footer try to work in a heading (H1, H2 etc.) that describes your activity centre in your location. It is best to try and use your nearest city, region and country.

For example {ACTIVITY CENTRE NAME} is an outdoor activity centre in Wales.

Activity keywords

In addition to location, your visitors may search for specific activities or types of activities such as watersports or high ropes. Try to make your website rich in these keywords by creating a page about each of your outdoor activities. Use a categories system to group your activities and create powerful links with your keywords.

Alt images

For every image on your website, you can add some alt text within the code that is invisible to most users. The primary purpose of alt text is for visitors to your website using screen readers. As the screenreader scans and reads out the text on the page, alt text can be used to describe any graphics and images used. Search engines ‘see’ alt text and use the text labels within their ranking algorithm.

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Does your outdoor activity centre website need a redesign?

Matt Blake

Matt Blake

I’m passionate about outdoor education, so I help outdoor activity centres promote their unique blend of awesome instructors and exciting activities by designing websites that help them book new guests.
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