Why now is the best time to get a new website for your outdoor activity centre

Whether your an outdoor activity instructor, marketing director or centre manager your website will be the first impression people get of your outdoor activity centre. When you have an up to date website that is responsive to different screen sizes and with easy to find information you’re helping potential bookings learn about your centre.

Here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to get a new website for your outdoor activity centre.

1. Your old website doesn’t do your activities and amazing team justice

Web design goes through trends and fashions. Many businesses are refreshing the look of their website every 2 – 3 years. Without regular attention and visual updates, your website will quickly appear old fashioned and not an accurate reflection of the fantastic day to day work of your team. Yes, your team and activities make or break a booking, but without an attractive website that looks the part a website visitor might not even pick up the phone. At the most essential a modern website should:

  • Look the part!
  • Be responsive for mobile and tablet browsing.
  • Use good quality images effectively.

2. You struggle to keep your website up to date and relevant

You’ve struggled with DIY or cheap web design in the past, and you feel like it’s holding you back – you’re ready for professional design. Without some form of regular updates, whether that is instructor blog posts or an Instagram feed, your website can stagnate. You want your website to be easily updatable by a member of your team who doesn’t have a computer science degree.

For this, you’ll need an effective content management system (CMS) to manage your website and automate a lot of the strenuous and time-intensive processes. A CMS is the core of your website and a lot of the time, it is easier to start from scratch than push on with a CMS that struggles.

designaway. create websites using WordPress. WordPress is used by about ⅓ of all the websites on the web with the possibility for advanced customisation and adaptability for each outdoor activities centre’s unique requirements.

3. Your website creates administrative work rather than freeing your team up

Websites have a natural life span. As technology and design advances, without regular updates, you’ll find yourself with a website that is a draw on your team’s time and attention, and you’ll wish there was a more natural way. With the right tools, many online processes and can be automated now. For example, publishing blog posts to multiple social media accounts, taking event bookings online all the way to the detail of seat allocation or displaying a live Instagram feed on your homepage.

designaway. have a decade of experience working with small teams and creating websites that fit their needs and technical ability. A website doesn’t be a burden it should be a 24/7 employee promoting your brand and generating more leads.

Now’s the time

As the world gets increasingly digital and we see year on year an increase in mobile web browsing, now is the time to bring your website up to speed. With designaway. within a matter of weeks, your website can be doing your team, activities and equipment justice, and your website can be acting as an efficient 24/7 employee for your outdoor activity centre.

Does your outdoor activity centre website need a redesign?

Matt Blake

Matt Blake

I’m passionate about outdoor education, so I help outdoor activity centres promote their unique blend of awesome instructors and exciting activities by designing websites that help them book new guests.
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