3 Things to consider when branding your business


Having a logo that instantly sets a professional tone for your business doesn't have to take a lot of work. Often a good choice of typography with a thoughtfully selected icon is all you need for a modern, minimalist logo.

Some of my favourites go-to fonts are found on Google Fonts.

It is important to consider where your logo will be seen. Although a top left corner of your website is a likely place there is also social media that often requires a circular or square version of your logo. In order to have a logo for every instance it is well worth having a version in the following styles:

  • Default aspect ratio with a light background and dark logo
  • Default aspect ratio with a dark background and light logo
  • Square or circular with a light background and dark logo

This will ensure your business has a professional looking logo for each instance.

Colour scheme

During the web design process, a colour palette will need to be chosen. This should be a combination of colours that suit your business and work well with your logo against a variety of backgrounds. You aren't helping your business if you rigidly stick to a colour scheme that leaves your logo and website text unreadable.

Useful links

Google Fonts - A wonderful source of fonts.

Coolors - The super fast colour schemes generator.

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