Unpacking the web design process

March 3, 2020

The time it takes to develop a website usually comes down to two factors:

  • the size of the website e.g. how many pages / products
  • organising and collecting text copy and images to be used

Once a contract has been signed, here are the steps I go through to ensure each of my clients receives a website that gives them an edge with promoting and advertising their business online.

1. Discovery call

Most business owners feel they need a website, because everyone else has one, without giving the potentially huge impact a website can have on their sales / leads a thought.

In a discovery call we talk about why you need a website and how a bespoke website can benefit your business for years to come.

2. Home page mockup

I will create your homepage for you incorporating in design elements, styles and layouts we discussed in the discovery call. I'll present to you the home page to review and offer your feedback. This is a good point to make large style changes before other pages are templated up.

3. Remaining content

With the text copy and images I've received from you I'll create additional pages / portfolio items / blog posts. Very quickly your website will come together and take shape.

4. Whole website review

Either over a Skype call or using an on-page comment tool we'll have the chance to look over the whole website and offer feedback. If we need to discuss the merits of one choice over another, it is all part of the process.

5. Launch

I'll issue the final invoice for the project and take care of changing and setting up domain names and web hosting. Your website can be live within a day!